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Taxi Driver, Sinapak | Motorist vs Taxi Driver Mauling Incident

Here is another mauling incident involving motorists but this time, its not an MMDA enforcer who got mauled but a taxi driver.

According to youtube user "Pinay Celebs", the uploader of the footage, the incident took place on a rainy August 10, 2012 around 11:37 pm at Julia Vargas Street, Ortigas. On a traffic jam, a taxi accidentally hit the rear end of a sedan.

"Sasapakin kita tapos matatakot ako at ikukulong kita sa taxi mo!" -he didn't say that, I just made it up.
The passenger of the sedan walked towards the taxi and begun yelling at the driver.  One of them started assaulting the taxi driver but when his victim tried to fight back, he quickly pushed the cab's door shut in an attempt to trap its driver and probably to keep his face from being punched as well.

Pinay Celebs also included these plate numbers (Taxi plate: TWX 656, Sedan plate: ZBT 468) of the vehicles involved in this motorist vs taxi driver mauling incident.

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