2014 Year Ender Post | kthxbye 2014 and Happy New Year 2015!

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The year 2014 is ending and that means it is time again for another year-ender post. I have not been posting frequently on this blog this year

But since this year is ending, I kind of feel the need to post. I want to say something before 2014 ends. Like a sort of a last words before dying.
2014 year ender post happy new year 2015

Year 2014 has been both a sad and happy year for me. So let me just do my personal tradition of saying a few words every time the year ends.

I'll start by saying thanks, again, to all those who visited this site. To you who is reading this, thank you. You are not just a reader, you are a page impression lol. Seriously, thanks!

I also want to express my appreciation gratitude to the plants and animals that I consumed this past 365 days. Their sacrifices is what kept me alive to this day, literally. I may not know let alone remember their names, but I will never ever forget how they tasted. Yummy.

Thanks to the internets for allowing me to stalk people gain access to a vast mine of great knowledge and stuff. Especially the stuff *wink wink*.

The year is ending but the world isn't. Unless the Illuminati allows it lol (or was it the ancient aliens?). So let's just keep going. Keep doing what you do unless what you do is constantly taking toilet selfies, stop that now. No one wants to smell your poop through such photographs lol.

I know that this year has seen so many tragedies, both natural and man-made, but we still go on because that is what life got to do - to go on. No matter how slow or how much it sucks, life must go on. What matters is that you continue. To see change, we must first continue living.

So yeah, that concludes Pera Sa Internet's 2014 year ender post. I wish you all a happy new year 2015! Always choose happy (i.e. weeds laugh often)!