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MMDA Enforcer vs Motorist Robert Blair Carabuena | MMDA Sinapak!

An incident where a motorist mauling an MMDA enforcer was caught on tape and is now circulating the web. The incident that took place at Capitol Hills Drive corner Tandang Sora in Quezon City was taken by TV5 producers on Saturday.

MMDA vs Robert Blair Carabuena.
"Sinapak oh, sinapak nya oh!", said the cameraman.
The enraged motorist manhandling the MMDA enforcer in the footage was identified as Robert Blair Carabuena, an employee at Philip Morris International.

It was reported that MMDA officials are now helping the enforcer, Saturnino Fabros, to file charges of direct assault against Robert Blair Carabuena. It is still unclear how the incident came about.

The footage of the MMDA enforcer vs Robert Blair Carabuena incident:

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