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KZ Tandingan on the 3rd Live Performance Night of The X Factor Philippines, August 18, 2012

Kz Tandingan performed her own rendition of Linkin' Park's "In The End" in the X Factor Philippines 3rd Live Performance Night on August 18, 2012. While all of the ten finalists performed well, Ms. Tandingan's performance got the most positive reviews from the judges.

KZ Tandingan The X Factor Philippines August 18, 2012.Meanwhile, the internet is rambling today searching for replay of KZ Tandingan's act on the 3rd live performance, so to help you out X Factor fans, I employed my ninja googling skills and found this video on youtube. While it may look like it was recorded using a potato, please stop complaining about quality and instead, thank the uploader for his/her efforts.

Ladies and gentlemen, The X Factor Philippines - Kz Tandingan 3rd Live Performance (August 18) singing "In The End".

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