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Fort Bonifaio High School Girl Student Bullied by Classmates [video]

Now going viral in the social media is the footage of alleged Fort Bonifacio High school girl student being bullied by several other students in uniforms inside a bathroom. In the video, victim was mauled, grabbed and pulled by the hair by 2 fellow female students while a boy is trying to get between the fight. The video was cut fast forward to the next scene where the alleged bullied girl was punched in the face by another girl student.

The bullying party was said to have a group called Grand Goons Family. Well, that was the internet said so no matter how stupid it may sound I have to write it down here. It will contribute to my English Kamote grammar that is the soul of this blog so I think it's okay. Moving on, it is not clear, at least to me, who's bathroom it is? The males' or the females'? And why does the guy is so lame in breaking the fight? Is he enjoying it or is he doing the "ninja moves" on those girls if you know what I mean.

Fort Bonifacio High School Girl Student Bullied by Classmates.
"Huy Gagu. 'wag nyo pagtulungan", said one of the spectators in the background.
Anyway, this video is now picking up the pace and going viral since it was uploaded July 20. There is a great chance justice will soon be given the victim because of the social media. Back in the day, when someone gets bullied, no one will know about how he or she got her hair dragged into the floor because, you know, no student has camera phone to document the bullying back then.

Ranting aside, that kid dancing at the end of the footage is hilarious... and stupid. It's like he was performing the half time show or something. Watch the video of Fort Bonifacio High school Girl Student Bullied by Classmate below and then share it around to help restore faith in humanity.

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