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Emma Watson Sex Tape Posts on Facebook is a Scam

Bad internet marketers aka spammers are once again leveraging the popularity of Harry Potter star Emma Watson and using malicious photos of her to deliberately scam unsuspecting Facebook users.

The posts includes a photo of Emma Watson in a sexual act suggesting that it is a screenshot from the actual sex tape and clicking on the link attached to it will supposedly bring users to the streaming footage. Guess what? It will not bring you anywhere near the pristine nakedness of Hermione for like ever because when you follow that link, it will lead you to a page that will trick you into giving up your FB profile and culprit behind this malicious link will make huge money off advertising money.

Emma Watson sex tape post on Facebook is a scam.
After you compromised your account, the virus will post the same Emma Watson photos on your timeline and tag 12 to 15 of your friends making it viral and the chain just won't break as long as there is someone in your network of friends of friends that will click on the malicious link.

So for the love of all holy and for your own safety, please do not click on any of these Emma Watson Sex Tape Facebook posts that spreads malicious links.

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