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Snow in the Philippines 2013 is Fake

A youtube video claims that a snow fall was experienced in the Philippines on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. The said video is now making the rounds in social media and stirring the web with different reactions from social network users.

Snow in the Philippines 2013

It is indeed a bizarre and highly unusual phenomenon that a snow will fall in a tropical country. The video said that it happened in the southern Philippines and that there were confirmed reports that a 3 straight hours of heavy snowfall reported to certain areas in the southern region.

All of this folks, is fake of course. A hoax of some kind until further evidence is presented and actual eye witnesses come forward to back this claim. But there won't be because bloggers from that southern region of the country says that day of July 24 is hot and it was 32 degrees Celsius.

So yeah, Snow in the Philippines 2013 video is absolutely fake and bull crap. I repeat, it's just a hoax because if it was indeed real, big news agencies in both TV and newspaper would have reported it. It had me entertained for like 2 minutes though.

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