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December 21, 2012 World Ender Post :)

December 21, 2012 End of The World ScreenshotAccording to the Mayan prophecies, some conspiracy theorists and some rich people with bad hair style who always talk about aliens, the world as we know it could end on December 21, 2012.

But if you are reading this the day after that said date, then that means the world did not suffer a cataclysmic event that was suppose to wipe out everything off our planet including the internet. Or at least it was not cataclysmic enough to knock down the world wide web.

I was pondering the idea that what if the world as we know it, shall come to an end on that date, this coming Friday? What will I do? How to survive the end of the world? If there is no escape, how will I die then? Well, recalling some scenes from the movie "2012", things can get really ugly on that day - that judgement day. Buildings will go down to rubble with intensity gazzillion earthquakes. The ground will open up and violently devour everything on it. Super volcanoes will erupt and shower the lands with molten balls of lava and chunks of volcanic rocks as big as foreclosed houses in the USA. And finally, the face of the planet will be swept with gigantic tidal waves... That will be so... drowning. Holy sheep, I don't want to die from drowning. I don't want to die yet this Friday at all.

How am I suppose to read ridiculous 'end of the world' posts on Facebook if I die on that date. I mean, I plan on getting drunk on the 20th so I am assuming that I wont be sober and out of bed on the 21st until 2pm due to hangover. By that time, the world has probably started ending. Wait, what?

Anyways, if the world shall end this Friday, I will regret a lot of things. And I hate regretting things specially when they are too many. I will regret all the procrastination that I did. I will regret DGAF-ing almost everything but to make things clear, I will not regret not giving a single f#ck on FB game requests ever. I will regret for the lost time that I should have spent with my family. Speaking of lost time, I should have torrented and played all the video games that I've always wanted to play. I should have read "The Walking Dead" comics instead of waiting 7 days for an episode of the TV series just to be entertained by being cliff hanged.

I should have posted more on my blogs (and earn more from it); how Adsense dropped the banhammer on me and how it sucked donkey dicks; the lessons that I learned from it; how did the networking business that I joined recently do; and other important stuff that matters to this 'make money online Philippines' blog and its readers.

But, (of course there's 'but') no matter how hard I regret things, I'm pretty sure it won't not be enough to stop a world from ending. So yeah, regretting is not an option. Back to DGAF-ing things again, I guess. LOL jk.

Back to reality, NASA released a video (see below) that tells us not to panic, and don't euthanize your cute pets yet (you can still use them for Reddit karma), because the world will not end according to the very, very secretive agency *puts on sunglasses*.

It's interesting and all but the question is, "what is the point of this post?". Well, there's no point, only December 21, 2012 End of the world article for you know, keyword stuff lol.

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