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2012 Year Ender Post | Happy New Year 2013 | Putukan na!

Hello dear Internet! The world didn't end but the year 2012 will. The Earth will once again complete a 365 day revolution around the sun.

New Year 2013 Putukan
And since the year is ending, I want to say a few things reflecting stuff in the passing year and the coming 2013.

First of all, I want to say 'good luck this coming year 2013' to everyone especially those people whose worlds are torn by hunger, discrimination, war and violence.

Second, I want to say thank you to all the plants and animals that I consumed throughout year 2012. Thank you pigs and cows who died for me so I may eat. Thank you chickens and unhatched duck embryos for sacrificing your avian selves so I can have my favorite isaw and balut. I also want to thank all the fine barley and malts who died in the process of beer brewing just so I can get wasted.

I want to thank Android for paving the way to more awesome mobile interneting - sparking new ideas and opening new opportunities for webmasters like me.

I raise my middle finger to Empi lights for being such a lying bastard. What? You don't know?! You said once in your commercials that you won't give any hangover because you are purely made out of dead grapes and you bear the label 'light'..  but it was all lies! I had to drink liters of Gatorade and sink two tablets of paracetamol every morning I wake up with hangover caused by you.

I want to raise my middle finger to FB for changing their algorithm on pages in order for them to make more money from all fan pages' posts at the expense of having the flow of information to the pages' subscribers hindered.

I also raise my middle finger to the Philippine government especially Comedian Senator Sotto who tried to suppress freedom of speech on the internet.

I want to thank Internet for this blogging stuff that magically makes me money, Reddit for all the LOLs and Awws, Social networks for annoying and/or entertaining (but mostly annoying) statuses posted by people using your service whose identities you sell to advertisers (lolz, I kid social networks).

And oh...
I also want to ask Google to reinstate my Adsense account because I still love your program and you're the best out there and I, I, uh.. I *sob* am innocent.

2012 has been a hell of a ride for me. I hope 2013 will be smooth as f@ck for all of us. Putukan na!

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