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Lotto 6/55 September 10, 2012 Result

Lotto 6/55 September 10, 2012 Result.The Grand Lotto 6/55 Results for September 10, 2012 are listed below together with other PCSO games like EZ2 and Mega Lotto. The jackpot prize amounted to more than 270 million Pesos and it is expected go higher and reach 300M by tomorrow September 12.

Last February, the Grand Lotto jackpot prize money was P300 million and was shared by two lucky winners. Will there be another new instant millionaires this month? Well, we will find out. Anyway, the table below lists the winning combinations and number of winners for Grand Lotto, Swertres among others.

Lotto GameCombinations
Grand Lotto 6/55 17-52-24-26-37-45           270,627,339.60                 0
Mega Lotto 6/4519-37-26-13-02-17 18,599,063.40       1
Swertres Lotto 11AM                  5-1-9                                  
4,500.00                           428           
Swertres Lotto 4PM5-1-0 4,500.00        892  
Swertres Lotto 9PM5-7-7
4,500.00                323      
4-Digit6-7-5-3 44,646.00       19
EZ2 Lotto 11AM26-25 4,000.00        53
EZ2 Lotto 4PM14-10 4,000.00        162
EZ2 Lotto 9PM25-08     4,000.00       289

Unfortunately, the results says there is no winner for Lotto 6/55  September 10 draw but the good news is you can try again tomorrow night. If you still don't win, you may want to look for other ways to get rich such as investing in a business and take advantage of today's technology to reach broader market. Here's a good example of a profitable business that you can invest in.

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