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Reach Yanes: A Girl Who Makes Money on Facebook

Many of us Filipinos wants to make extra income but we can't simply find the right resources to do so because of our day jobs. Lucky me, I have learned to monetize blogging.

Let's face it, not everyone can blog. Not everyone has the needed knowledge in order to make money using blogs. Not everyone knows html and CSS which is vital to layout and web design. What everyone knows nowadays is to use Facebook. But how can you make an extra income using facebook, you ask? The answer is to SELL. Sell something on your FB account.

But it leads us to another question: What to sell? I'm sure you don't have the right resource to come up with a product of your own that you can sell on Facebook so let me tell you this. You can sell other companies' products or service. Keep on reading to learn how.

Learn How

The richest people in the world always say that network marketing is the best. The good news is we have Facebook now which is the biggest NETWORK of people today. Now let's bring this up to speed.

Meet Reachet Yanes or simply Reach. A girl who resigned from her day job because she can now earn a decent amount of money through network marketing on FACEBOOK alone. She signed up with this program called MMobile, a multi level marketing company and after 8 weeks of doing the business and marketing in facebook, she is now averaging on 11,200 per week or 44,800 per month. That is from the capital of P1000 pesos. Well, that's a very saweeet amount of money she gets, right?

Here is one of Reach Yanes' FB page where you can learn more about MMobile and how you can make money on Facebook in  a legitimate way.

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