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Treasure of Big Totem 11 walkthrough

Just dropping by to post something about a point and click flash game I just finished playing and it's Treasure of Big Totem 11. It's been a while since the day its predecessor game was released and was enjoyed by many. And now we're on the eleventh episode of the game series by Federico Rutenberg. Anyways, this game is basically a point and click adventure type of free online game where you have to find items and figure out the every scenario by utilizing the objects from your inventory. You can use the objects that you gathered to interact with other objects in the game to progress. Mini puzzles are also present on TOB 11. It may or may not be difficult to solve, depending on the level and experience of a player. You can check out Treasure of Big Totem 11 walkthrough presented on the video below to know how you will be able to solve the game.

That's all for now folks. Enjoy!

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