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Hide Caesar 2 Walkthrough

At times when I get bored, I either just play massive multiplayer online games or just play some random physics based flash game like, uh, Hide Caesar 2 created by gimme5games. In this game, you must hide a round object where a face of some dude named Caesar is curved from all means of catastrophe. Use the given objects in each level to protect Caesar from the falling rocks and from other dangerous obstacle that may be present in some levels. The gameplay is similar to another game title Cover Orange if you're really into this kind of game then there is a good chance that you recall that one. Anyways, if you are here searching for ways how you can beat the physics game in question or for some Hide Caesar 2 Walkthrough, you've somehow came in the right place.

Some cool guy showing us how to beat levels 1 to l0 of Hide Caesar 2.

Stages 11 - 15:

Of solving levels 16 through 20 of HC2.

Last video of hide caesar 2 walkthrough shows some good strategies to beat stages 21 to 25.

There are strategies that you can try other than what is shown in the above videos. Game scores may vary depending on how you beat each level.

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