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Solipskier app High Score Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks

Solipskier app is probably one of the most addicting game in iphone by far. With its simple graphics but super fast paced game play with headbanging metal background music,anyone could be solipskiing away it just simple controls. You can also play Solipskier on your pc, in fact it was first release as an online flash game on the 'net (I think). Anyways, you will find it hard at first few tries, but as soon as you get the hang of it, you'll be super-solipskiing away like any Solipskier would do. Here's an iphone and ipod version gameplay of the game:

Next vid is some dude breaking 59 million points in Solipskier. It may serve as a Solipskier walkthrough to achieve high score.

Some basic tips and tricks.
The first thing you might need to learn to be an awesome solipskier is how to pick up speed. Draw long slopes with small upslopes and hit gates. Also try to keep your mouse or cursor on the right so you will be able to easily catch your skier. You must also avoid the reds: the x gates by using the long vertical line as a guide. To get high scores, you can do some crazy high jumps by drawing steep slopes. You may also stop drawing snow path when solipskier is airborne; he will do tricks and will keep the rainbow bonus multiplier. That's about it folks. Happy solipskiing!

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jadavid09 said...

My highest score is 72,173,272