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Worm Food Walkthrough

What is Worm Food anyway? Let me explain, Worm Food is very fun game to play developed by Nitrome. In this game, you play as a giant worm that is out to omnomnom eat on the poor villagers so you can live long and grow to a fatter worm. If you're a fan of the movie Tremors then you will find this game interesting for it will bring you back the giant trilobite graboid memories. I completely agree that this flash game is extremely fun but it's pretty hard. As I write this, I still haven't finished the game. I'm stuck on level 11. Glad I  found some Worm Food walkthrough guide of some sort on yt and now I can see a light of hope to beating this awesome game. Another job well done to Nitrome. Oh here's the video walkthroughs I've found so far and thanks also to the uploader. Don't forget to subscribe to his channel.

The level 11 of Worm Food Walkthrough

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