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We Farm For Iphone Review: Looks Like Famville But It's Not

If you enjoyed Farmville there's won't be any reason that you would enjoy We Farm for your iphone from ngmoco. It's the iphone app that we can't say a unique one although it's not really a total clone of We Rule's Farmville (it's only about 97 to 98 per cent copied). Anyways, I have not yet to try this app for I am not really a fan of farm sim games. But here's a video review I found and I took all the liberty to embed it here on my page. So.. Disclaimer first: I am not the owner of the video review below. Period. It's embeddable so I embedded it. Period again.

On to the show folks.. The We Farm Iphone/Ipad video review:

I'll try this We Farm app for iphone if I remember to do so and hopefully I can get myself to make my own review. Feeling so lazy these days.

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