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Cat Physics Iphone Game Walkthrough

Cat Physics is another physics based game on iphone that is fun to play. Just like Angry Birds but this time we utilize the cats, not to hurl them into air but making use of their cute little tails to hurl that little ball to the goal target to finish a level and advance to the next. Here are some videos that can help you out with this game.

The complete Cat Physics walkthrough from level 1 to 50. (Some link lovin' goodness to the creator of the vid below. ^_^)

Some commented on this video that the level 48, which is the Fragile Bridge level, won't work so here's the guide to that level.

Also, level 35 is another difficult one to finish so here's the walkthrough for that level.

I hope this Cat Physics iphone game walkthroughs help you beat the game and please do let us know how long it took you to finish the game.

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I am the creator of Cat Physics- iPhone Game Walkthrough (Levels 1- 50) and I would really appreciate it if you posted a link to my website