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The Tower Of Eternity 49 F Walkthrough

The Tower of Eternity 49 F is the latest sequel to The Tower of Eternity 1F, a point and click type room escaping game from InfuoWEB. In this game, you are trapped in a room, as usual, and you have to search around to find some clues and solve puzzles to escape the room where you are locked in. Anyways, here's The Tower Of Eternity 49 F Walkthrough we've found on the net.

Click the bottom drawer to open it, take the magic wand and zoom out.
Turn left, click the sink to zoom in, take the pencil, zoom out.
Turn left again, click the left edge of the leftmost locker to zoom in, take the papaer and zoom out.
Click around the bottom right corner of the last locker to zoom in. select your paper, and then Click the incantation on the wall to write it down using your pencil. once you have the incantation, zoom out.
Now turn left. give the magic wand to the wizard, followed by the incantation, and he will conjure up a red key for you! take it and turn right.
Use red key on red lock and get broom then zoom out and turn left and give it to the wizard. He will then give you the IC card and fly off through the window.
View the window after he has disappeared. he will be showing you a code. remember this code and turn left. click the box on top of the books to zoom in. Use the ic card on the box to open it, then input the code the wizard showed you and hit "OK". get the blue key, zoom out, and use the blue key on the door and you're out!

That's it for The Tower Of Eternity 49 F Walkthrough so far. You can aslo share with us your own guide to this game below. Play online games here.

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