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Musical Room Escape Walkthrough

Musical Room Escape is a point and click type of room escape flash game from Gazzyboy. In this game, you are a student who came to the music class and somehow got trapped inside the musical room. The main objective is simple and that is to find the hidden objects in the musical room and make use of those objects to escape. Anyways, here's a Musical Room Escape Walkthrough hints we've found so far.
  • cymbal on shelf
  • bassoon on picture
  • bassoon on drum near the door
  • drum stick on cymbal by drums
  • hook on balloons
  • in drawer under music notes
  • guitar stick on guitar
  • violin frog on violin
  • white piano key on electric piano
This is only partial Musical Room Escape Walkthrough but you can share your own below in the comments so others may see it. Source: EscapeGames24.

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