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Lazy Boy Escape Walkthrough

Lazy Boy Escape is a new point and click type of room escape flash game from Games2rule. Long hours of sleeping makes the boy lazy. The game objective is to help the lazy boy get rid of laziness and start being a responsible human being to the planet earth. LOL. And of course, escape from the room by triggering possible events using objects found inside the game. Anyways, here's a Lazy Boy Escape Walkthrough if you're having difficulties with it and needed some hints or tips.
  • you get the cellphone and make a notice of the numbers on the paper
  • get the coin
  • get the mop
  • go to the door view and pick up the ball
  • go back to the boy and wake him up with the alarm clock by holding it on his face then he wake up.
  • you take the cellphone
  • dial that number you get from cupboard
  • open the windows
  • use the coin for the fish tank
  • give him the mop and he will clean up the floor
  • go to the door view
  • hit the plants with the mop of the cupboard
  • let the boy pick it up
  • then use the ball to throw it on the picture on to his right.
  • let him pick up the picture
  • then click on the clock above the door
  • he will now walk out the door
  • and you just escaped.
You can also share your own Lazy Boy Escape Walkthrough with us. Thanks for sharing. Source/Reference: Email Senders and EscapeGames24.

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