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Synth Escape Walkthrough

Synth Escape is another point and click flash online escape the room game by EscapeFever. In this game, you, apparently, were sleepwalking last night and looks like you have challenged yourself to escape the room where you're in. Basically, you must solve puzzles in the game and find the key. Anyways, here's a Synth Escape Walkthrough we've found so far. One of the source is EG24. Check them out. ^^

On the bed view:
Zoom in on the bottom right part of the ladder and take the yellow piano key. Zoom out.
Zoom in on the bed and take the green piano key. Zoom out.
Go Right on the cupboard view:
Zoom in on the top of the cupboard. Click the top left, just below your inventory and take the bottle. Zoom out.
Zoom in under the cupboard and take the blue piano key. Zoom out.
Zoom in under the stool in front of the red and black chair. Take the corkscrew. Zoom out.
In your inventory; Combine the corkscrew and the bottle and you get the cork. Click the cork so it pops up in a sub-screen. Click it again and you've got a razor.
Go Right on the Desk View
Zoom in on the books (left on the desk) to look behind them and take the paper. Zoom out.
Zoom in on the chair. Zoom in again (top middle of the chair) to see the seat and take the pencil. Zoom out (1x).
Zoom in on the PC screen and read the poem (note: notice the upper case words, the words like three, two, once etc. and what every sentence is about). Zoom out (2x).
In your inventory; combine the razor and the pencil to sharpen the pencil.
Zoom in under the right part of the desk and put your paper on the blurry part of the left wall. Use your pencil on the paper and see the code (333). Zoom out.
Zoom in on the top left corner of the poster on the right wall and take the red piano key. Zoom out.
Go Right on the window view:.
Take the white piano key (bottom right in the window).
Go Right 2 times. Cupboard View
Put the code (333) in the code panel, click the top drawer and take the nippers. Zoom out.
Zoom in on the piano. Put the colored piano keys in the empty slots. Doesn't matter where they go automatically in the slots where they belong.
Now remember the poem;
Grass is green and in the same sentence was the word three (green: 3).
Sky is blue and 'two' in the sentence (blue: 2).
Sun, once (yellow:1).
Noses, three (pink:3).
One love (red:1).
One snowflake (white:1).
Now we have to push the buttons that many times as the color is. So green 3x, blue 2x etc. But you don't do it in the order of the poem, but just from left to right.
Here: yellow (1), white (1), green (3), pink (3), red (1) and blue (2).
If done correctly lights light up under all the real piano keys, except one. The B-key on the right isn't lit (the one above the front right leg of the piano). Use your nippers on that key to remove and take the key. Zoom out.
Go Right twice. Window View
Use the key on the keyhole on the door and you should be out.

You can also write and share with your own Synth Escape Walkthrough below. Play this online game here.

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