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Coffee Shop Escape Walkthrough

Coffee Shop Escape is a new point and click type room escape flash game by Gazzyboy. In this game's scenario, you are locked inside a Coffee Shop (i don't know if its Starbucks or what) where there is nobody, nobody but you. The objective is simple, and that is to escape and get out. Anyways, here's Coffee Shop Escape Walkthrough guide to help you out with the game.

Desk View
Go Down. Two windows & door view.
  • Click on the front left table to zoom in then zoom in again and take the steel pipe. Zoom out (2x).
  • Click on the right table in the back to zoom in. Zoom in again and take the first key. Zoom out (2x).
Go Down. Desk view.
  • Zoom in on the dustbin. Use your steel pipe on it and zoom in, in the inside. Take the gloves and zoom out (2x).
Go down again. Two windows & door view.
  • Zoom in twice (2x) on the the door and use the key on the keyhole. Zoom out (1x) and go in the new room.
Go left. On the sink view.
  • Zoom in on the sink and use your gloves in it and get the second key.. Zoom out and go down and down again to leave the room. Down again for the 2 windows door view and down again.
Desk View.
  • Zoom in on the desk. Click the books to see the other side of the desk and use your second key on the drawer. Open the drawer and take the coin.
Go back to the other room.

Sink View.
  • Zoom in on the electrical box and zoom in on the top part. Use your coin on the screws and click all the switches off. Zoom out (3x).
  • Zoom in on the coffe machine. Click it to open it and take the third key. Go all the way back to the..
Desk view.
  • Zoom in (2x) on the door and use your third key on the keyhole. Zoom out (1x) and open the door and go out and you're out.
By the way, you can also write and share here your own Coffee Shop Escape Walkthrough for others to see. Here's the full video walkthrough of the game.

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