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DS ROMS Download of The Week (Dec. 13, 2009)

These are the DS ROMS download for the week December 13, 2009. All NDS roms can only be downloaded through known trusted sites. But some some say that you can also get DS games from megaupload and rapidshare but those DS games can only work as a back up for original games, though. Anyways, here are my list of a must have DS ROMS.

Bejeweled Twist.
Reader Rabbit Kindergarten.
Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam.
Miami Nights: Life in Spotlight.
Playmobil Pirates.
Littlest Petshop DSi Ware.
Master Of Illusion Express: Matchmaker.

That's it for our Nintendo DS Roms download list for this week. Happy gaming!

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