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Alien Breed Evolution Cheats, Walkthroughs and Unlockables Please.

A powered remake by Team 17, Alien Breed Evolution takes the all new unreal remake to your game consoles: PS3, XBox 360 and PC. Anyways, I have no time for a long intro. Let's go straight ot the Alien Breed Evolution cheats, walkthrough and unlockables that we have been searching.

Against the Odds (25) To unlock this you must complete single player levels 1-5 on Elite difficulty.
Ain't got time to bleed! (20) You must complete 'Interface' single player mission without using a health pack.
Born to Kill (10) To unlock this you must kill a total of 25 aliens in single player.
Break Out the Arsenal (10) To unlock this you must fire every weapon and use every item in single player.
Campaign Veteran (25) Complete all single player levels 1-5 to unlock this item.
Elite Force (10) You must kill 50 aliens in a row without taking damage in single player.
Fighting Light (20)Complete any single player level without using any items and this one will be unlocked.
Hard to Kill (20) Complete CO-OP Assault level 1, 2 or 3 without either player dying. I know its hard.
Killing Spree (10) Just kill 20 aliens within 30 seconds in single player.
Knowledge is Power (20) Go and collect all the logs throughout the game.
No Stone Unturned (10) You must find all secret collectibles.
Team Veteran (20) Just complete "Hydroponics" in Co-op Assault.

We only have the unlockables so far and we're still searching for the any Alien Breed Evolution cheats and video walkthroughs. Stay tuned for more folks. Later.

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