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Escape Chuck Norris Walkthrough Guide

This new point and click game Escape Chuck Norris is from Escape Fever and you're gonna need this following walkthrough for this one.
1- Click near the top left of the screen to zoom on top of the cabinet and see a basketball, take it and zoom out.

2- Notice the colors on the palette on the floor: dark blue green pink orange. now click the sink to zoom in, and take the knife. clicking on the 4 stove top elements will change their color. lets make them dark blue, green, pink, orange, to match the palette on the floor.

To be more precise:

top left= dark blue
top right= green
bottom left= pink
bottom right= orange

When done, you'll get a key! Zoom out.

3- Use the key on the door lock and click again to pass through the room. you will see Chuck Norris blocking the way! Use the knife on the basketball to receive a red key, then go back to the kitchen and open the red lock drawer to get a gun. return to chuck and use the gun on him. And he's DEAD!

4- Click the black bookshelf at the left side of the exit door to zoom under it. take the yellow goo from underneath and zoom out.

5- Click the white sofa to zoom in. notice a black object sticking out from under it, click to receive the key mold. Use the yellow goo on the key mould and zoom out.

6- Click the brown chair in front of the door to zoom in on it, and take the blue key you see at the left of the screen.

7- Return to the kitchen. use the blue key on the fridge lock, then use your key mould on the blue lock to "put it in the fridge for a sec". It'll automatically come back to you as a solid yellow key (the cold solidified the goo). now return to the exit door with the yellow lock, use the yellow key on it and you're out.
That's just about it for Escape Chuck Norris Walkthrough for today. Just stay tuned for updates.

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