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Zeppelin Escape Walkthrough

If you are looking for a cheat of some kind or a walkthrough for Zeppelin Escape, you've come to right web page. Below is a simple guide how you can beat the point and click game from Stoneagegame dot com. You can play this game by going here.

Click the cage under the zeppelin.
Then click near the wheel inside and see than you need 3 items to escape.
Click on the house and then the chest -- see it needs a 4 digit code.
Now, click the right edge of the roof and get the number from the bottom middle shingle on the back of the building.
Click the bottom left palm tree on the island -- get the 91 from the water in the sunshine on the right edge of the screen.
Click the 31 paper in your inventory and then click the 91 to join them.
Click on the door of the house again and enter the numbers in the chest.
Get the compass and click the rock that is on the left side of the island - get the rope from the bottom of the tree.
Click the rock on the back right of the island and get the axe from between the rocks -- it is barely visible between the back of the large rock and the small one to the right.
Click the rock beside the right palm trees -- see the black on the bottom of the nearest tree?
Use the axe there and get the thing that looks like a map?
Zoom in on the zeppelin cage and place the 3 object.
Click the orange button to escape!

That is the Zepelin Escape walkthrough to help you through the game. Enjoy guys!


patokplace said...

that is not a cheat is it?

Anonymous said...

yeah, it is not a cheat. its a walkthrough. Usually there are no cheats in point and click games. But people often think that a walkthrough is another term for cheat. So that is why he said "a cheat of some kind"..