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New Super Mario Bros Wii Walkthrough Video

Prepare for some classic gameplay some multiplayer fun and action on your Nintendo Wii for the New Super Mario Bros Wii that has just been released last Tuesday, November 15, 2009. There are lots of good things and features on this game including the great level designs that really makes the player to feel that he's in the whacky world of Supermario, the difficulty is chalenging enough, there are plenty of replay value and most of all the multiplayer mode can be really fun if you don't take it too seriously. The bad side is that the multiplayer can be really frustrating if you're taking it seriously and you could end up fighting with your co-players if things really gets frustrating. There are times when motion control-based can lead to contol lapses and too bad this game does not support classic controls. Anyways, this game is neat despite it's little flaws. If you want to see this game in action, watch the New Super Mario Bros Walkthrough videos below:

The gameplay trailer first.

And the part 1 of the gamewalk uploaded by a real player.

That's it for our New Super MarioBros Wii Walkthrough and we hope you liked it.

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