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Harvest Moon DS Sunshine Islands Walkthrough

One of the most prominent game in the handheld platform comes to Nintendo DS- the Harvest Moon DS Sunshine Islands represents the latest step for the series on NDS. The drill is just the same as ever, you try your best to run a farm while balancing an active social life in the game. But, this time the world is divided into series of islands. Each of this islands has unique features that enables you to perform special activities like mining, encountering different unique animals and, of course, having the local sprites work on your farm. Finding the sun stones in the game is probably the greatest achievement that a player will look forward to for it is the key to unlocking some islands in the game. Anyways, since this one has just released, we are still looking for Harvest Moon DS Sunshine Island Walkthrough to post here. Just in case you did not hear about this one, watch the trailer below.

If you have something to share about Harvest Moon DS Sunshine Walkthrough please do share with us. Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands will probably be included in our DS Roms download list.

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