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Easily Apply For A Credit Card | Fast Cash Loan Posts

When I first started to blog, I noticed that many bloggers are talking/writing about credit cards or how to acquire credit cards and even free credit card numbers. Back then I did not know that they're doing it for a purpose. When I learned about monetizing my blog thus optimizing for the search engine, I learned that bloggers blog about credit cards or loans because those keywords are highly targeted ones and probably those bloggers thought that those words are one of the high paying keywords in the internet and really it was. Those loans and credit cards are about money and that means that the advertisers behind those ads displaying on the page where the articles about cash loans and credit cards is are in the business of money. I am not sure about this though, but, I think that the saying "If you want gold, then talk about gold." is true. Now, why am I posting this? Actually, I am doing some experiment on high paying keywords. I know that this article will not even get indexed in the first 100 pages of the SERP because many better articles about the subject are already dominating the first pages of search results pages. What I am up to is to find out if when this article attracts ads about these high paying keywords, would it also affect all the other ads displaying on all of my pages? Would other ads that appears on other pages of this site be also high paying ones? Would this trigger something better? Anyways, there is only one way to find out so I am posting this one- my little experiment: Project apply for a credit card and fast cash loan.

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