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Laboratory Lockdown Walkthrough Guide

Another room escape game, Laboratory Lockdown is also a point and click type of flash game from Rouge Joker. The scenario is this: You are working as a lab assistant on some very top secret project, you stay back after the some hours to do the cleaning up of a messy experiment when suddenly an alarm sounded and the building you are in initiated an emergency lockdown. The scary part is that nobody knows that you're still inside. Now, it's time to use your skills to escape from the secret place where you are now trapped. Anyways, if you can't really figure out how to get out of it, you can refer to our Laboratory Lockdown Walkthrough guide below.

  • blue bottle-zoom on the upper shelf of bottles, 9th from left
  • zoom out from here and click the lower lever- take the test tubes
  • same view, right cabinet - beaker
  • turn right, zoom sink, in the sink- glove
  • turn right, click on aircon above mice cage-rubber hose
  • zoom on cage, click on the lower right cage - bunsen burner
  • zoom out. zoom in the maze. left side of maze- beaker stand
  • turn right. on top of cabinet are mails which show- DR. SANDESH
  • open cabinet beside the door- rat food
  • same view, click lower righ of cabinet- lighter
  • turn right 2x, left of filing cabinet-door to office
  • in the office, zoom the calendar and click the blue dot- key to mouse with green eyes
  • zoom out, lower cabinet- scientist's ledger
  • Security code: spoilerATOMICspoiler
  • Computer Password: spoilerNaCZnspoiler
  • turn on computer- user name:
  • spoilerDR. SANDESHspoiler, enter needed password
  • click security, input password- click the fridge to open it
  • zoom out, click lower right leg of table- white bottle
  • zoom out, turn right, clcik lower part of purple vase- green bottle
  • turn right, click on the door at the right of the sink and open the fridge, upper level 5th bottle from left, the red cap- syringe;
  • 2nd upper level, left dish- petridish,
  • 3rd level, eighth bottle from left- brown bottle
  • To get key from maze:
  • zoom out, turn right, zoom maze, put rat food in orange box
  • zoom out, turn left, zoom in mice cage, use key to open cage with green eyed mouse
  • use gloves to get the mouse
  • zoom out and go back to maze. put the mouse in the darke blue openning of maze
  • get key.
That's it for our Laboratory Lockdown walkthrough for now. You can share with us what you can add to it in the comments section.

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