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Might and Magic Clash Of Heroes DS Walkthrough Gameplay Preview

The first installment in Ubisoft's fantasy series to ever hit the Nintendo DS, Might and Magic Clash of Heroes scored 8.7 from the critics. This game sets in a world populated by knights, necromancers, wizards and elves called Ashan which has now plunged into darkness and linked with the parallel demon world Sheogh that was opened during a recent lunar eclipse. This game should definitely be added to your DS ROM download list. Anyways, let's see this game in action in the Might and Magic Clash of Heroes Walkthrough preview below:

Yeah, I know, the battle mode looks lame, but let's see if this game is fun to play. Do let us know your opinion on this Might and Magic Clash of Heroes DS walkthrough video.

1 comment:

Base said...

I cant find any page with this awsome game (i got the chance to play it at the GameCom Germany).
Can somebody help me?
Thx, Base