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James Cameron's Avatar The Game Walkthrough Video For PS3, PC and Wii

A film based video game for PS3, PC and Nintendo Wii, James Cameron's Avatar The Game scored 8.8 from the users and 6.5 from the critics will take you into the heart of planet Pandora wherein the RDA or Resources Development Administration is stripping the resources of the planet and made its native indigenous population called Na'vi outraged. The war starts. You play as Ryder, a hybrid called avatar. As the story progresses, you will be given the choice to choose weather you stay an avatar and serve the RDA or side with the natives of Pandora as a Na'vi and face the human forces to drive them off from stripping the resources from the planet. No matter which path you choose, you will face a series of clowns, I mean a series of characters that soon enough you will not remember their face. But there's a big difference in siding with the Na'vi: you get fun to the bones melee attacks. If you go with the RDA, you will most likely shoot your way to victory and you won't have the chance to do the cartwheel and slice moves that only siding with the Na'vi gives. Anyways, I know it's getting boring now so let us watch this Ubisoft game in action in the James Cameron's Avatar The Game Walkthrough video below:

By the way, this game has a 15 hours or so length of gameplay. That's it for our James Cameron's Avatar The Game Walkthrough Video for now, but we'll try to come up with more.


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kick ass game much!!!