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Rogue Warrior Walkthrough PC Gameplay

Rogue Warrior is an upcoming tactical first person shooter game for PC, XBox and PS3 that is currently in development by Rebellion. This game is due for release next week and is awaited by fans of FPS games. The story sets in North Korea where Richard Marcinko was sent into by the United States to do a dangerous mission- disrupting the ballistic missile launcers. The plot of this video game is basically based on its protagonist R. Marcinko. Anyways, let's' take a look at how this game looks like in action. See the Rouge Warrior gameplay walkthrough videos for PC below.

More Rogue Warrior walkthroughs will be posted here when the game releases.

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valentines day presents said...

This is one of my most regretted game ever bought in my life. The game is simply horrible. The graphic look like it's made 10 years ago. There are problems supporting graphic cards...The audio sounds like separate from the game. When the main character is talking, sounds like he's in a recording room. Not in the game. The targeting is somehow broken. You can put whole clip of bullets into someone and he just perfectly standing there.