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Tower Escape Walkthrough Hints

Another point and click escape the room kind of game for you to solve. Tower Escape is created by Donitz and this game is bound to be a challenging one. The scenario is you are trapped, of course, inside a tower and before the time runs out, you should be out because if you don't get yourself out real fast, something horrible will happen to you. In fact I don't know how horrible it is. He he. Anyways, that's just an intro. Actually, me myself can't figure this one out. I'm too dumb for this game and, gee, I can't find a Tower Escape walkthrough or a cheat of some kind for this one. But, hey I have some hint through I have stumbled upon.

These hints, however, may even annoy you more. It's not in particular order or sequence. Give it a try, it might work.

Click the wand then click one of the cards then follow the lines...then it says you mastered it.

use the phoenix on the piece of paper to get water spell.

Phoenix spell at trap door. This spell use on note. Key is behind window...needs to be enlarged. Stuck again. Have wood, blancket, fire, water, enlarge and phoenix spell. No idea how to escape.

after you get the thread from the shrine you have to enlarge it. that will make it a rope. got to the trap door and attach it to the handle.the go out the window when you get out on the roof make sure you equip with the crystal.
We will try to come up with a more comprehensive and understandable Tower Escape Walkthrough later. A video version perhaps ^^.

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