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Locked Room Escape 2 Walkthrough Hints

A new PnC escape game from Gamershood titled Locked Room Escape 2 will have you scratching your head with it's puzzles. Basically, in every point and click escape game you have to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape from the room where you are locked in and trapped, but sometimes you just can't help yourself. You end up getting screwed in the game and trapped of course. But, cheer up 'coz we have here little Locked Room Escape 2 Walkthrough hints that could prove to be helpfull.
  1. Click under the couch and get the first metal pole.
  2. Next, turn right and click to the left of the bed pillow -- get the string.
  3. Then click to the right of the bed frame and see a pole on the floor that you can’t reach.
  4. Now, turn right and see the holes in the floor for the poles.
  5. Zoom in on the upper left drawer of the desk and get the second pole.
  6. Also zoom under the desk and get the pumpkin.
  7. Zoom in on the third upper drawer (counting from left to right) and get the magnet.
  8. Drag the magnet in your inventory to the string.
  9. Click to the right of the grey filing cabinet and get the hammer.
  10. Turn 2 times and use the magnet on the string to get the last pole.
  11. Turn right and place the poles.
  12. Place the pumpkin on top.
  13. Hit that pumpkin with the hammer.
  14. Click. The door is unlocked. You can now escape.
There's our Locked Room Escape 2 Walkthrough for today and we hope that it's not so messy this time. If you have comments, just let us know.

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