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Office Escape 3 Walkthrough

StoneAges' new point and click hidden object game, Office Escape 3, is our featured walkthrough for today. In the game, you are the boss in an office and your employees are complaining about the shortage of pencils that apparently is going on in your office. You must find enough pencils before your workers hold a strike against you. This game is fun and yet difficult so chances are you may find yourself stuck in some part of it. Anyways, if that is the case, you may find this Office Escape 3 Walkthrough we gathered for all of us.

Click just behind the cubicle wall behind the water cooler -- it is in the pencil holder (of course) of the desk with the in and out box
Click on the left side where you see the color beige chair top and the top of the transparency machine -- you can see the eraser to the right of the machine
Click the left corner with the copier and printer -- it is on the floor to the left of the copier
Click the right corner with the black filing cabinet -- you see the pencil tip on the right edge of the screen on the white board
Then, turn around (using the arrows)
and click behind the microwave stand -- it is on the leg of the couch (you can just see the stripes near the top of the leg)
Click the water cooler -- it is the yellow inside the mug
Click the part of the brown chair that you see behind the cubicle wall beside the door (left of the water cooler top) -- it is the yellowish desk handle
Click inside the cubicle corner that is at the bottom right of the screen (zooms in on a desk and gray filing cabinet) -- it is on the wallpaper on the left wall about the height of the second drawer from the bottom and almost to against the right of the screen (one of the color brown dash marks is yellow)
Back up and zoom into the upper right corner cubicle
Click the open desk drawer and place the pencils
Back up and click the door to leave!
We don't have a video of it yet so let us just hope this text version of Office Escape 3 walkthrough will do okay.

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