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Underground Palace Escape Walkthrough

The latest point and click game from 123Bee as of press time, Underground Palace Escape will get you puzzled and really, really stuck in the game. LOLs. It's kind of difficult to finish game. The scenario is this, a palace buried underground due to natural disasters, was discovered and researchers had to go down to it for some scientific examination. But, unfortunately, one of the researchers got trapped in the underground palace and that unlucky guy turns out to be you. Escape the palace with clues and objects that you may find around the place. Anyways, since this game is really difficult, Kitkatfox made an Underground Palace Escape walkthrough for us.

Click the left painting and take the log (near the bottom left corner) and the leaves (at the base of the trees)
Click the right painting and take the 2 stones (light gray)
Click the floor below and left of the right rock pile to zoom in
Place the leaves and then use the stones to make fire
Light the wood and take it back
Click on the left torches (corners of the room) and drag the burning wood to light them. Repeat with the right torches.
Collect the 5 pieces of paper in the room -- one behind each painting when facing them, one in the corner by the door, and one in each rock pile
Click the paper when you have them all and assemble the spider puzzle
Close that view and you now have a spider
Click to zoom in on the large spider webs at the right of the door
Drag your spider friend to the web and she will free the key
Use the key on the door
Enter room 2
Zoom in on the snake statue -- click each eye
Take the pieces of the statue and the metal rod from the cubby holes
Zoom in on each ladybug and click them (4 are hiding diamond pieces under their wings) -- click the diamond pieces and reassemble the diamond (close that view to get the diamond)
Use the rod to smash the mirror
Use the rod to also smash the jar with the wax statue
Use your burning wood on the statute to melt it and get a diamond
Take the mouse from the statue’s feet
Get the pieces of a statue from in front of the right locked door and from behind the left front rock pile (to the left of the dark gray threshold)
Click the statue pieces and reassemble the statue -- close that window to get the diamond
Go into the left room (you will get locked in here)
Click the inscriptions on the right wall -- 4 of them are removable
Click the four key pieces and reassemble the key
Click the pile of money bags
Take the one that is red sand
Move the ones in the upper left to uncover a hidden door
Use the inscription key to get the coins
Zoom in on the sun doors and use the coins in the centers
Back up and see the new bird picture -- click the tube in his feet and take the paper
Open the paper and use the red sand to make a bird drawing
Starting at the top of the bricks that you exposed by opening the door, make a circle by clicking the loose bricks and then click the center brick -- get the 2 keys
Back up and turn around -- use the larger key on the door
Go into the other room and use the key on the locked door
Collect 4 of the footprints from the floor
Also collect 6 loose bones
Click the wall painting, drag the footprints in your inventory to the painting
Zoom in on the maze and use the arrow keys to maneuver to the end (another diamond)
This opens the snake pit -- distract the snake by placing the mouse in the mousehole
Take the diamond and then see the skeleton picture it uncovered
Use the bones to finish the left skeleton
Take the diamond and then look at the hourglasses it uncovered
Smash them with the pole and get a key (middle one) and diamond (right one)
Back out into the statue room
Use the key on the mirror lock and get the last diamond
Place all of the diamonds on the wheel on the door
It is still missing 2 brown triangular pieces, though, from the center
Back up and see two triangles on the torch the snake statue has -- zoom in and take them
Complete the wheel
Click to enter the last room
Click up so you can see the dirt ceiling
Use the pole to break the bricks with the holes in them
Look down and click the circle of light on the floor
Look up again and use the pole to poke through the ceiling
And you're out.
Thanks to Kitkatfox for the awesome Underground Palace Escape walkthrough.

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