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Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough

Tiny Room Escape is another escape game from Gamershood where yet again you are trapped abd locked inside a room and you can't remember anything. This point and click puzzle escape game is really well done. What can you esxpect from a puzzle game? It's difficult to solve. I have been stuck playing This game on Gamershood for, I think two hours. What really makes it hard is the part where you have to put the codes. Guess what? I figured it out. I'll try to update this post and see if I can find complete Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough. But for now, the following codes will help.

Put 01242 next to the circle.
Put 4783 next to that little black thing that looks like a moose.
Put 1455 for the rose and 8950 next to the square.

That's it. Those numbers are the codes that used to remove the grills then I used the knife to open it up and found long lost door knob which opens the door, of course. And that was are Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough.

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