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New Moon Clips by Comic Con.

As of the time of this writing, the new moon clips from comic con is being searched by the Twighlight fans over the internet.

In the first clip, the relationship between Bella Swan and Jacob Black and its progress is the highlight. There is a scene there when Bella learns to drive a motor bike when and she saw this apparition of a ghost like Edward and she accidentally accelerated the bike's speed and ended crashing her head on a rock and then she dies... just kidding, she did not die. Jacob went to her and said; "are you trying to kill yourself?" in an angry yet worried voice. The girl said; "I, uh.. I'm sorry". Then she's dead. Just kidding, she did not die. Then all of a sudden, Jacob strips for no reason thus revealing his abs and, uh, he dabs the flowing blood from the forehead of the girl, Bella, with his shirt. Then their faces came so close, the camera zoomed in to 2x, and then the he said to her; "you are so beautiful.." The clip ended.

The second clip is something more than wiping the blood from the forehead of a girl and telling her that she's so beautiful than rushing her to a hospital...

Bella Swan and Alice are on the street where a certain Voltera festivity is going on. They move against the current of the crowd trying to reach Edward before he could reveal his true self to the mass of people. Bella got to see Edward by a fountain slowly unbuttoning his shirt to let the sun melt his skin. "Stop!", said Bella to him and.. Actuall, it's "Stop! Stop! No Edward, don't!". She tried to stop him but he took a step forward and the whole place turned into darkness. The clip ended, that's why.

This New Moon Clips from Comic Con is kinda really, really stimulating something in the fans.

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