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Cory Aquino Died?

Update: Philippines' Former President Cory Aquino dies today at 3:18 am August 1, 2009. Condolence to the family.

Nope, former president Cory aquino is not dead. Her son, Noynoy cleared that her mother is not dead. It was just pure false alarm- the circulating text messages saying that Cory Aquino is dead. I repeat, FALSE ALARM. Okay?

It is her family who told the press that Cory Aquino is still alive. so, wag na makulit ha. If they tell us that Cory is dead, we will believe them, and if they tell us otherwise, we have to believe them. So kung sakali nga na patay na si ex-president Aquino, tapos tinatago lang nila ang totoo, anong saysay nun sa kanila? Kung buhay pa edi buhay pa. Kung patay na edi patay na. Ang pamilya lang ni Cory Aquino ang makakapgsabi kung dead or alive si siya. Okey? Okey..

That's it. Cory Aquino is dead not.

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