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Corny Pick Up Lines.

Lately, I have been looking for pick-up lines that I could use in one of my funny article that I am working with. Here are some of the corny pick up lines that I know. You may want to check it out and perhaps use it in your daily lives. LOL.

Corny pick up lines:

1.) Are you a Greek? 'Coz you look like a goddess to me.

2.) Baby, you're my missing puzzle piece. You make my day complete.

3.) You owe me a drink. 'coz I dropped mine when you walked into the bar.

4.) Is your dad a terrorist? 'coz you're the bomb!

5.) You're like a pill honey. You take my pain away.

6.) You gotta be tired. You've been running in my mind all day.

As you can see, I've only got few corny pick-up lines here. I could use some help from you and drop me some of your corny pick-up lines in the comment section. Anything from you will be much appreciated as long as it is corny or cheesy like a cheese burger (lol that's a corny one). Yeah, I know, I could have googled it but I want unique ones from real people.

Anyways, please just drop me a line, a corny one. Thanks.

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