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Transferring Friendster Blog to Blogger Blog.

Let us talk about transferring friendster blog to blogger blog. Okay, say you are blogging in friendster blog for sometime now then you found out that you can make money from blogging but you just can't monetize your friendster blog because friendster won't allow you to do so. Then you discovered and learned that you can make money from it. You smile and think that you you will be making money. But, you just can't leave your blog posts in your friendster blog. They are beautiful and many had commented on it. Your articles there were great, wonderful. Okay, just copy and paste it to your new blogger blog.. Wait! Doing the copying and pasting content from a blog to another blog is not a search engine friendly deed.

Why not friendly?

When content or articles were copied and pasted to another web page or blog it becomes a duplicate content (obviously). Big G hates duplicate content and they will label your blog as splog or spam blog. If you want to be a search engine friendly, you should write original, create original and upload original.

So what should you do with your old Friendster blog?

You can't just burn it like the old love letters of your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. That good old friendster blog can still serve and work together with your new blog by linking them. Put links in your fs blog that points to your new blogger blog. Voila! Backlink! Think of this. Your blog in friendster is older than your new blog. Links from older blogs are good. By the way, the new friendster blog is now powered by wordpress- a search engine friendly platform. So, don't just delete your old posts. You should even update it once in a while.

I hope this article about transferring friendster blog to blogger blog helps.


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