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About Thermal Paste and its Importance.

Let me share you something about thermal paste and its importance. Yesterday my cousin called me up asking for help. His pc was down and could not boot properly after he did some cleaning in it. He said that he can hear some noise from within the CPU when he put the components back together and that brought him to panic. I went over to his house and checked his computer. I ask him if he double checked if the parts were properly in places. He said yes. I turned it on and it is like a roaring lion. It hanged up in just less than a minute. I cant believe it. The computer that he just bought a month ago hangs up and stops within few seconds after booting. I then ask him again if he accidentally wreck the motherboard (who would intentionally wreck his own computer's main board after all?) while installing the memory stick. He said: No!. We turned off the PC and dismantled the CPU again like a fragile bomb. I looked at the processor and was flabbergasted when i found out that he scratched off the thermal paste on it. G' dang. This is it. My cousin removed that very important substance on the processor that is why it hangs up when he turns on his PC. We went to a shop and bought a thermal paste for only 120 bucks. We got back to his computer and apply the thermal paste we bought on the processor. After that, his machine is back up again and running smoothly without the noise.

And that is the
Importance of Thermal Paste (a really good stuff to have in the drawer of your desk).

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