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Should I blog about Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin?

From the time of this writing, the keyword Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin has some nine hundred thousand plus results in the Big G. The search volume for these two lovely ladies, Angel and Marian, are quite consistent in the past 30 days from the time of this writing. The top position for the keyword Marian Rivera is the and for Angel Locsin is

Now, let us look at their pictures below.

Below are the Marian Rivera Photos as seen in the top of search engines results page:

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And these are the Angel Locsin Photos as seen in the search results of SEs:

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These two subjects are, i think, interesting to many. It's a good subject to blog about. Marami ang interesado sa kanila kaya makakaasa ka na marami ang nagse-search sa kanila sa internet.

Though I hate to blog about show business, I must do this for the sake of optimization. I should blog about Marian Rivera, Angel Locsin and stuffs that are connected to them like the alleged scandal of angel locsin and the nagtaray scandal of marian rivera.

So, there it goes. I just blogged about Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin.

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