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The New Pera Sa Internet Blog!

Pera Sa Internet is actually my make money online tutorial blog written in tagalog that discusses all the basics and techniques on how to make money via blogging alone. But, i have decided to turn this blog to a site that will try to tackle anything. Just about anything. A broader sight and view. Not just about making money online or paano kumita ng pera sa internet but about everything under the sun and ah... underneath the earth or whatever.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, behold, this blog's new name is..... "Pera Sa Internet"!!!


Yeah, yeah. I did not change the name or the URL or the theme or template. I did not add advance navigation system or something like super-hi-tech-to-understand thing. And see the usual gramatical errors are still here. Hehe. But, I added something in the description under this blog's title. I added "
Personal Experiences, Rants About Something and Anything in the INTERNET. I colored the letters P, E, R, A, S, A, blue so that you will notice what P. E. R. A. S. A. stands for. <-<-plus i wrote that sentence. I know I'll never fail to let you know about the matter. How about that? Is this planned or something or whatever? Or is this a part of an experiment or project of the blogger behind these pages? Are there conspiracy theories going out of style here? Hehe. That is for you to find out. Follow this blog and read every post. Of cousre, there is no conspiracy here ^^.



PS Magpopost pa rin ako ng tagalog entries paminsan-minsan. Lalo na pag nagkakaubosan na ng ingles.

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Anonymous said...

i really miss this topic kasi puro walkthrough games na lang mga topic mo ngayon,,,ang galing mo po anyway..sana magturo ka pa sa mga tricks mo, salamat..heto blog ko simple lang nag start palang kasi, i just use backdate;;;