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Where is the missing air france plane?

The missing air france plane was believed that it must have left the waters of Brazil and had gone to anywhere near African coasts.

The missing plane of Air France was carrying 228 passengers from Rio de Janeiro going to Paris on sunday, 7 pm. A few hours later after the flight, it sent a signal indicating problems while passing through a very strong turbulence. After that signal, the Air France Plane is gone and was declared missing.

This could take long time to carry out results of the search for the missing air france plane.

Sad news. But, what do you think really happened out there? Alien abduction? Nah!. There is no alien abduction here! That is what intelligent people would say probably. Or those who think that they are actually intelligent. But, of course there is no proof that there is no abduction happened and also no evidence that there is.

Let us just hope and pray that this is not going to be a very long and sad story and that the Missing Air France Plane will be found soon.

Update: Some debris from the missing plane were found in Brazil while there were still no sign of survivors.

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