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Pacquiao as a dollar earner. You, too, can earn dollars.

In his victory against the British boxer Ricky Hatton, Pacman earned some $12 million. How was that? So much money eh? It's equivalent to half a billion pesos, not to mention his 50% share of the pay-per-view thing. If you are Manny Pacquiao, how would you spend that huge amount of money? Perhaps you would run for a public seat in the government, hehe, that is if you are Manny Pacquiao. But, seriously, how would you spend money of that amount?
Of course you will buy some houses worth millions. Buy some cars, luxury cars and sports cars. A chopper and a private plane and a yacht. Get some expensive sports and hobbies like sky diving and golf. Spend vacation in a private beach sipping those umbrella drinks. What the f***! I can hear my neighbor's scolding her st***d son again for coming home late. I'm sorry for the interruption, it really annoys me. I am trying to write a good post here about Pacquiao being a dollar earner and about how would you spend the money of which amount is half a billion pesos or $12 million dollars. Haaays! if you have that amount of money you wouldn't have to scold your sons or daughters for coming home late. You would scold their bodyguards which you hired (and probably fire them from their jobs as bodyguards of your kids) instead. Yes! I manage to find a way to get back to the topic.
Pacquiao's financial achievements are very inspiring. So what are you waiting for? Start training hard and become the next best fighter in the world! Nyahahaha! $12 million dollars is too much money. Perhaps, an extra one thousand dollars per month from blogging will do okay for all of us. Yes, 0ne $1000 per month. I know. I know. That is equivalent to 40,000+ pesos just from blogging. One good example is Marghil Macuha. He is earning that money from his blog Another example is Abe Olandres, the one responsible for Yugatech and another example is Don Serrano, from his secret (daw) blog. All three of them are earning more or less 1000 usd per month from their respective blogs. Imagine that, an extra 40,000 pesos monthly!

So, you want to start your training now to become the next best fighter in the world like Manny Pacquiao to earn millions of dollars or you will start blogging now and earn extra $1000 per month?

You choose:

Best Fighter



$1000 (more or less)
per month



I am also a fan of Pacman and I have nothing against him so don't get mad at me, ok?

And besides, I don't want to challenge the best fighter in the world, you know?! LOL!


Lord CM said...

Hehehe :D Ayos!!!Pero sana sinama mo name mo at kung magkano kinikita mo sa pagba blog para mas marami pang magblog...

Gusto ko rin kumita sa pagba-blog kaso...ewan...parang mahirap :D

tagalogblogger said...


Yan nga po ang pinag-aaralan ko eh.. Kung paano ko isisiwalat yung kinikita ko sa blog nang hindi mape-penalize ng G**gle, katulad nung mga ngyari sa ibang blogger na nag-post ng kanilang proof of payment tapos lumipas ang ilang araw nawala sila sa SERPS at bumaba ang kanilang earnings ng sobra at hindi mkatarungan. Kasi dito po sa niche na "make money online" eh msyado pong masalimuot. kaya ang advice ng mga pro bloggers ay: blog away from ad**nse. syempre takot naman ako..

ang pinaka mahirap po talaga ay ung pagkuha ng madaming traffic.

just start blogging for something that you are passionate about and the "make money" side will follow.
You learn while you blog. And blog while you learn.

Salamat po sa inyong pagdalo sa aking blog.



pasensya na po sa aking pagiging anonymous... for now.