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Mothers' day, Happy. A mothers' day special.

Happy mothers' day to all the mothers out there. To my mother, happy mothers' day po. Though you cant read this. This post is no way connected to making money online. This is a special post. Well, actually this post is somehow connected to making money online because mothers' day is on Sunday and the search volume for the keyword mother's day are expected to be huge. That's the reason why I am posting this. If you are guerilla blogging around, you may want to hi-jack this keyword.

Many bloggers right now are preparing their articles rich in keywords "mothers' day". Some of them may already have it posted in their blogs. This is one good opportunity to drive traffic to your blog. Lots of people right now are searching the internet for "best gift for mothers' day" or something along that line. I am sure about that. That's it. I just want to share the idea since this blog is about SEO.

Actually, I just want to greet my mother a happy mothers' day. Happy mothers' day, Nay. Thank you for giving me birth. For taking good care of me when I was a restless infant.
And my significant other, my domestic partner, the mother of my wonderful baby girl. Happy mothers' day, Honey. You and our daughter drives me crazy. But I want to thank both of you for keeping me sane though I always seem to be out of my mind.
Happy Mothers' Day!

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