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Blogging Away, Pacquiao Defeated Hatton. Huh?!

From now on I will start to blog away from the topic concerning ads*nse. I have to do this because my stats shows that the more i blog about it the lesser "klik troo reyts" (sorry for those words, i have to do that) i gain. But, don't worry, my "Paano Kumita Sa Internet Lessons" will remain here as is it was before.

And I will start writing posts (not all of it) in English from now on (if my grammar goes well) because this blog is starting to gain traffic from the western countries whose primary language is English. But, the objective of this blog will still be the same: providing Filipinos tips and ways to make money online especially via blogging. I will still post in Tagalog-English (taglish) every once in a while.

And, also i may suggest that you do the same. Write your blog posts in english like i mentioned in my previous posts regarding "paano kumita ng pera sa internet?".

And what about the title of this post "Blogging Away, Pacquiao Defeated Hatton. Huh?!"

Nah! I'm just as excited as everyone who's annoyed with Mayweather Senior to watch the bout of Pacman and Hitman, hehe. I hope Pacquiao could make it and knock out Mayweather Senior Hatton with a hyper-combo-finish-move: left hook, right hook, uppercut, straight punches or whatever it will be, just defeat Hatton Mayweather Senior, Pacman. Good luck. Nyahaha! Just kidding. Knock Peace out!



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