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Can I Change My Blogspot URL? Should I? Why? Why not?

You can always change your Blogspot blog URL by going to your blog's settings then to Publishing and from there you will be able to change the address of your blog, but however, you cannot change the .blogspot in it unless you host it in your own domain name like Carl Ocab and others did.

What would happen if you don't put your keyword in the URL of your blog?

Let's put it this way, for example, your keyword is "food" and the address/URL of your blog is and the title is
"Everyday Cooking". And, of course, your blog posts contains your keyword 'food'. It is very obvious that your keyword which is "food" is not present in the URL neither in the title of your blog. It is true that having your keyword in the URL and title of your blog is a plus in terms of optimizing for the search engine but, in the example above you will see that the words used in the URL title contain words that are relevant to your keyword: "food". What do you do with the 'food"? You cook it, right. What do you have with everyday cooking? Tires? Of course, not. You don't cook tires everyday, you can't eat it. It's rubber. You cook food. You get it? Hope you understand what I am trying to say here. G___gle is improving its algorithm everyday and it is bound to being close to perfection. That means he is looking not just at the keyword density of a blog or website but also at the relevance of every word in the blog to a certain keyword. But, still, having your keyword in the URL and blog title is a plus if you will be blogging for just one certain niche.

Now, let us look at Carl Ocab's site. His URL is, but his niche is 'make money online'. It is very obvious that the words
make, money and online is no way connected nor relevant to the words carlocab. I don't know much about Carl Ocab, but as far as I know, he's been blogging for about 2 to 3 years now and he made it to the top of search engines in the MMO niche with his catchy title "make money online with a 13 year old boy at home". It's not only Mr. Ocab here that has their name on their URL. Many bloggers changed the name of their URL and put their name in it. Perhaps, to build identity. But, the question is: if having your keyword in the URL and title of your blog is a plus, why are these people changing their URL to their own name? That is because the search engines are bound to be close to perfection as I mentioned earlier. These SEs are improving. They now analyze websites differently. If you are not a search engine friendly site, you will be outcast. If you optimize really good, they will suspect you for being a spam blog. Search Engines will label you as robot when you get too close to perfection like having perfect keyword density. Having your name or some words that is no way relevant to to what you blog in your URL makes you less spammy. That makes you more credible and chances are everything you write in your blog has bigger chances to getting indexed in the SERPs.

Hope I made it clear enough despite of my usual gramatical errors. hehe. Still, I must tell you that what I just told you is not a fool proof solution to get indexed in the serps. It is only based on my observations and experiments. I suggest you do your own experiments and observation and perhaps share what you will learn.

In my next post I will answer the rest of Xian's questions about blogging. I'm a little short of time. Got to go.


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